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Courses for Men and Women

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Courses for Women

Taught by men, for women.

101 - Avoiding Walking in Front of the TV

102 - Doing Housework Without Complaining

103 - Shopping: Buying What You Can Afford, Not What You Can Charge

104 - Going to The Washroom Alone
(formerly Coping Without My Friends)

105 - Understanding the Male Response to "Do I Look OK?"

106 - Exercise: How it Keeps You from Looking Like Your Mother

107 - Learning How to Initiate Intimacy

108 - How to Apologize When You Are Obviously Wrong

109 - Understanding the Male Response to "Am I Fat?"

110 - Dishwashers: Rinsing Before Is Not a Must

111 - The Toilet Seat: I Can Learn to Put It Down Too

112 - Using the Thesaurus: Alternatives to "Make Love"

113 - "The Weekend" and "Long Boring Walks" Are Not Synonymous

114 - How to Go Shopping With Your Mate and Not Embarrass Him

115 - The Remote Control: Don't Touch What You Can't Handle

116 - You Too Can Be the One to Hang Up the Phone

117 - Honest, You Don't Look Like Kim Bassinger – But You're Acceptable

118 - Hairspray: The Effects On The Ecosystem
(formerly One Can Is Enough)

119 - Runs In Your Nylons? It's Not the End of the World

120 - Fishing: Being Able to Bait Your Own Hook

121 - Intimacy: More Than Just Lying There

122 - Learning to Choose What to Wear In Less Than Four Hours

123 - Vacations: Doing Without 4 Suitcases

124 - Makeup: The Less is More Theory

125 - Nagging: Stop the Insanity!

Courses for Men

Taught by women, for men.

101 - Combating Stupidity

102 - You Too Can Do Housework

103 - P.M.S. – Learning When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

104 - How To Fill An Ice Cube Tray

105 - We Do Not Want Sleazy Underthings for Christmas –
Give Us Money

106 - Understanding the Female Response To You Coming In Drunk
At 4 AM

107 - Wonderful Laundry Techniques
(Formerly "Don't Wash My Silks")

108 - Parenting – No, It Doesn't End With Conception

109 - Get a Life – Learn How To Cook

110 - How Not To Act Like a Butthead When You Are Obviously Wrong

111 - Spelling – Even You Can Get It Right

112 - Understanding Your Financial Incompetence

113 - You – The Weaker Sex

114 - Reasons To Give Flowers

115 - How To Stay Awake After

116 - Why It Is Unacceptable To Relieve Yourself
Anywhere But the Bathroom

117 - Garbage – Getting It To the Curb

118A - You Can Fall Asleep Without It If You Really Try

118B - The Morning Dilemma - If It's Awake, Take a Shower

119 - The Weekend and Sports Are Not Synonymous

120 - How To Put The Toilet Seat Down

121 - How To Go Shopping With Your Mate and Not Get Lost

122 - The Remote Control – Overcoming Your Dependency

123 - Helpful Postural Hints For Couch Potatoes

124 - How Not To Act Younger Than Your Children

125 - You Too Can Be a Designated Driver

126 - Honest, You Don't Look Like Mel Gibson, Especially When Naked

127 - Changing Your Underwear – It Really Works

128 - The Attainable Goal – Omitting %@#*! From Your Vocabulary

129 - Fluffing the Blankets After Farting is Not Necessary

130 - Real Men Ask For Directions

131 - How To Take Illness Like a Man

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Wine Flu

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I went to a dinner party last night, where I and other guests enjoyed copious amounts of alcohol.

I awoke this morning not feeling well, with what could be described as flu-like symptoms: headache, nausea, chills, sore eyes, etc.

From the results of some initial testing, I have unfortunately tested positive for what experts are now calling Wine Flu.

This debilitating condition is very serious - and it appears this is not an isolated case.

Reports are flooding in from all around the country of others diagnosed with Wine Flu. To anyone that starts to exhibit the aforementioned tell-tale signs, experts are recommending a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down.

However, should your condition worsen, you should immediately rent a DVD and take some Advil (Advil seems to be the only drug available that has been proven to help combat this unusual type of flu). Others are reporting a McDonald's Happy Meal can also help in some cases. If not, then further application of the original liquid, in similar quantities to the original dose, has been shown to do the trick.

Wine Flu does not need to be life threatening and, if treated early, can be eradicated within a 24-48 hour period.

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elephant eating poo from another elephant's ass

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Quality Control

tools in manicure package from China

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